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Tempering Chocolate – Top Tips

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From chocolate brownies to the great big whopping black forest gateaux, Monday is the day to treat yourself to a chocolate fiesta. Yes that’s right, its national chocolate cake day – a proclaimed day of self-indulging and eating as much cake as your stomach can take in a Bruce Bogtrotter like manor.

National chocolate cake day is set to begin on the 27th January and is an annual event causing the nation to go baking mad, including ourselves. But before you grab hold of your baking gloves we’d like to share our expertise on how to get the best out of your chocolate, and that starts with “Tempering”.

Tempering is an important process in chocolate production as it’s the key to controlling the crystals so that only consistently small crystals are produced, thus resulting in much better-quality, melt-in-the-mouth textured chocolate.

Here’s a guide to our top tips on how to get the best out of your chocolate from our very own Swiss pastry Xavier Pelloux:


  • Make sure you have everything ready for what you would like to produce when chocolate is ready e.g. plastic for decoration, moulds etc.
  • Make sure your room is between 18 and 20 degrees with no draft as the room temperature will affect your chocolate tempering
  • Use correct equipment thermometer, marble slab/work top Xavier prefers a step palette knife and a triangle to temper chocolate
  • Melt chocolate slowly, don’t burn or over heat you need to separate all the molecules before starting to temper the chocolate
  • Each chocolate have different temperatures to achieve at each stage of tempering this is one of the most important things to achieve perfect end result
  • When tempered use the chocolate before it sets otherwise you’ll have to start again!
Xavier hard at work tempering chocolate

Xavier hard at work tempering chocolate

Thank Chocolate it’s Friday!!!

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In our wonderful kitchen at Studio E Xavier has been tempering chocolate and creating some yummy chocolate treats and the best part is we have all had a sample. Some jobs are hard!!!