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How to Create the Perfect Slice This Christmas

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Contemporary Cake Designs - Christmas Cake

Contemporary Cake Designs – Christmas Cake

With the winter nights looming and the cold weather blossoming it only means one thing – Christmas is on the horizon.

Christmas is one of our favourite occasions of the year here at Contemporary Cake Designs and there’s nothing more perfect than tucking into a brandy filled Christmas Cake.

So with Christmas being a time for sharing, we thought we’d slice you a piece our baking expertise by giving you our top ten tips on how to get the best out of your Christmas cake this year:

  1. Try and bake your Christmas cake 4 to 6 weeks before hand and you will find that the longer you are able to keep it after cooking the moister the cake will become.
  2. Soak the dried fruit overnight in a little brandy. Use one dessert spoon for each pound of fruit.
  3. Take care when lining the tin. Fit the greaseproof into the corners carefully for a good shape
  4. Bake your cake on a low temperature until knife comes out clean.
  5. When the cake is cold sprinkle over more brandy to help your cake retain its moisture. (Go on! Treat yourself, it’s Christmas)
  6. Wrap the cake in greaseproof paper and foil, and store in a cool dry place. If you like, feed again, a week later, with the brandy
  7. Trim the top of the cake to become flat and turn cake over before covering
  8. Use boiled apricot jam to coat the cake and allow marzipan to stick well. This will also act as a good preservative for the cake
  9. For easier cutting royal icing beat icing until light and fluffy. Add one teaspoon of glycerine to each 1lb(500g) of icing. Use dried egg white-based powder if you want to avoid raw egg white.
  10. Use roll out icing for a quicker easier cake covering. Roll out on icing sugar. Brush marzipanned cake with a little brandy, lay over the rolled out icing. Smooth the top and sides of the cake with your hands or a special smoother.