Contemporary Cake Designs have just attended Sudeley Castle’s Wedding Show.

Contemporary Cake Designs at just attended Sudeley Castle's Wedding Show.

Contemporary Cake Designs are frequently asked by leading wedding venues to showcase our wedding cake skills and examples at their wedding shows. And we are pleased to say that the prestigious Sudeley Castle have asked us to attend- as a way of also emulating their own class and facilities.

One thousand years of history…..

Sudeley Castle & Gardens is a castle located in the Cotswolds near Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England. The present structure was built in the 15th century and may have been on the site of a 12th-century castle

Kings, Queens and noblemen have had their lives and histories intertwined with Sudeley Castle, so where better to create your own history than at ‘the most romantic castle in England….’

Be a part of Sudeley Castle

When you choose to hold your wedding at Sudeley Castle you will not only be part of our history, but you will be sharing the most beautiful and historic castle and stunning grounds. Nestled within its’ own Cotswold valley, surrounded with wooded rolling hills and designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, you and your partner will be one of the lucky few able to get married at this exclusive venue, with only a limited number of weddings held here each year.

Each wedding is crafted between the couple and our dedicated team to produce your very own idea of perfection. They listen and we advise and we work together to create your dream.

Castle and Grounds

Within the Castle and grounds they are able to provide spacious dining and celebration areas within the Banqueting Hall and the Terrace Pavilion to seat up to 120 people. The historic Banqueting Hall is both warm in winter and cool in summer and the Terrace Pavilion has breath-taking views of the surrounding Cotswold Hills.

You can also see more examples of our cakes through other sections in our Cake Portfolio heading.

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