In French ‘parfait’ means perfect and honestly we couldn’t agree more! With its multiple layers of ice cream, fruit, syrup, and whipped cream topping, it’s a dessert that’s difficult to refuse.

This perfect little dish originated in France cuisine during 1894. Since then love of parfaits has risen, becoming global, resulting in a variety of parfaits, all different flavours and all different ingredients. The prime commonality being that they are all frozen, making them the ideal party food.

While the French tend to enjoy simplicity in their parfaits: using cream, egg, sugar and syrup, the American’s lean towards using more elaborate recipes. They tend to use a wide spread of ingredients such as granola, nuts, yogurt, liqueurs and gelatine with fruit and cream toppings. In particular the yogurt parfait made with granola and fruit has become a common breakfast dish due to its health properties.

Our love for these little dessert dishes have caused us to go a tad nuts in the variety we offer!





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