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The Wedding Season: May’s Magical Moments

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We take a look back at our best wedding creations from May

The month of May has been a crazy one for Xavier and I. At the moment we’re sitting right in the middle of the wedding season; which means we’re frantically whisking up wedding cakes and favours a plenty in the kitchen alongside our other orders.

The wedding season in itself is one that’s full of love, blossoming flowers, stunning manor houses and our favourite thing, scrumptious wedding cakes. It’s a time that allows us to get really creative with our cake designs in the kitchen; from vintage classics to your more contemporary cake designs. We simply love discussing with clients about how we can create the perfect cake for their big day.

This year we’ve seen wedding couples request a more relaxed atmosphere on their big day and this has seen a meteoric rise in dessert tables. These are a great accompaniment to the wedding and offer a wider range of desserts. The cakes themselves have their own trends and we’re seeing people increasingly opt for “naked wedding cakes” which are sponge based but with no icing.

With that being said we’ve rounded up our top five favourite wedding creations of the last 30 days; so why not sit back, grab a slice and enjoy!


The Manor House Hotel (half icing, half chocolate)

5. This design was particually special because of the brides dress draping down the side of the cake using icing. The one half was made from a chocolate covered cake and the other half iced; the best of both worlds!  It was also decorated using real flowers, chocolate icing and filled with chocolate butter cream.






Amanda & Max's Wedding Cake - St Pierre Golf Course and Hotel Country Club Chepstow (9th May)  4. Using one of the wedding cake industry’s most contemporary techniques, ruffled cakes; we hand crafted this beautiful three tiered light Belgium chocolate sponge for Amanda and Max’s Wedding on 9th May.







Elmore court Four tiered sponge

3. Again using a similar technique we hand piped this design creating a traditional four tier sponge with vanilla butter cream for a wedding at Elmore Court on the 3rd May.








Kingscote Barn - 18th May - All tiers Light Belgian Sponge with Rasphberry Butter Cream

2. This was a wedding cake made for a wedding at Kingscote Barn on the 18th May. All tiers were made from a light beglium sponge with a raspberry butter cream filling.








Helen and Sam - Top tier classic Victoria Spone - Bottom Tier Beligium Truffle Torte with Chocolate Butter Cream

1. Helen and Sam’s four tier vintage wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers. The top two tiers were a classic victoria sponge filled with vanilla butter cream and the bottom tier was Beligum truffle torte with chocolate butter cream. We finished off by decorating the cake with cascading chocolate roses down the front and dusted off with a gold shimmer.





That just about puts the icing on the cake for this month’s wedding bakes. We’d love to know which your favourite cake of this month is so please feel free to comment below.

Xavier Proves Bee Wrong!

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That’s right; a few months back Xavier got an idea into his head that he could make vanilla essence from scratch– an ingredient that we use a lot in our products – most notably in his infamous butter cream.

Anyway, when we were in the kitchen one morning I said “don’t be stupid we can buy some vanilla essence in” and Xavier, well, being Xavier did what he normally does and completely ignored me and made it anyway! A few months later (as we had to wait for the syrup to infuse with the vanilla) and a jar of beautifully scented vanilla essence arrived; Xavier had proved me wrong and I was very impressed!

Homegrown and straight from the jar

Homegrown and straight from the jar!

Today the ingredient is a mainstay in our kitchen cupboards and we’re using our home grown vanilla essence now more than ever in our products.

Xavier is a bit of a maverick in the kitchen to say the least and he only wishes he could have more free time to innovate new products because he loves trying to come up with new creations. It goes to say Xavier deserves a round of applause for his majestic work and we can now be proud of yet another product being made completely from scratch in our kitchen.

Divine Dessert Tables at Eastington Park

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A while back Xavier and I teamed up with some of our favourite wedding industry friends to help style a Black Swan photo shoot at Eastington Park.

On the menu was a two tier sponge cake alongside a dessert table full of delicious treats and this was the end result;

swan shoot christy blanch photography (455 of 922) swan shoot christy blanch photography (461 of 922) swan shoot christy blanch photography (698 of 922) swan shoot christy blanch photography (451 of 922)















On the plates featured a group of indulgent chocolate cake pops, scrumptious vanilla cupcakes topped with icing and moist almond biscuits shaped into dinky dresses.

These tables full of gorgeous goodies are continuing to grow in popularity in 2014 and allow us to get really creative with our designs in the kitchen. Each table is artistically fashioned around a theme or colour palette to perfectly fit each couples individual wedding.

This year they’re expected to take off as brides are increasingly opting for a more relaxing celebration and an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. The best bit about dessert tables is that they give you a little bit of everything and will be bring real elegance to your wedding table.

Thank you to the wonderful Christy Blanch Photography for taking these stunning photos.

Pitch Perfect Parfaits

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In French ‘parfait’ means perfect and honestly we couldn’t agree more! With its multiple layers of ice cream, fruit, syrup, and whipped cream topping, it’s a dessert that’s difficult to refuse.

This perfect little dish originated in France cuisine during 1894. Since then love of parfaits has risen, becoming global, resulting in a variety of parfaits, all different flavours and all different ingredients. The prime commonality being that they are all frozen, making them the ideal party food.

While the French tend to enjoy simplicity in their parfaits: using cream, egg, sugar and syrup, the American’s lean towards using more elaborate recipes. They tend to use a wide spread of ingredients such as granola, nuts, yogurt, liqueurs and gelatine with fruit and cream toppings. In particular the yogurt parfait made with granola and fruit has become a common breakfast dish due to its health properties.

Our love for these little dessert dishes have caused us to go a tad nuts in the variety we offer!