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#12CakesOfChristmas Competition

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With Christmas shoppers manically hunting down the last of their Christmas presents and the Christmas cakes baking in oven, the festive season is in full swing.

Christmas is just nine days away now and we thought what better way to celebrate than to showcase our top Christmas creations over a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.

Over the 12 days before Christmas day, we’ve been singing you our version of the 12 days, or should we say cakes of Christmas on our Facebook page. But that’s not all; we’ve also given you the chance to win one of the new additions to our afternoon tea range – a Fraisier cake. This creation is a classic recipe and is made from three components – the sponge, crème patisserie and strawberries (see below).

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a yule log in a photograph

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a yule log in a photograph.

Traditionally, the 12 days of Christmas refer to the days after and not before —from December 25 to January 5 – but recent marketing activity has shown businesses engaging through social media channels. So this year, we thought we’d join in with the festive fun and surprise you with a present of our own.

The prize of our competition - A Fraisier cake

The prize of our competition – A Fraisier cake

A simple ‘Like and Share’ on the cake of that day could see you indulging in one of our caketastic Fraisier cakes. Pretty simple eh? Well why not head over to our Facebook page and get involved at

The winner will be announced in the week following Christmas and we wish you the best of luck!

Cake Study: Christmas Cake Decorations at Ellenborough Park

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After the triumph of Elmore Court back in November, we were fortunate enough last month to get the gig at Ellenborough Park running a 30 minute demonstration and question and answer session to a room of approximately 50 lovely ladies.

Ellenborough Park is a stunning hotel based in the heart of the Cotswolds and is the perfect location for luxury country retreats, romantic breaks and weddings. The occasion was held as part of their renowned ‘Ladies Lunch Club’ events which invites ladies from the local community to welcome drinks, an exquisite 2 course lunch followed by an afternoon demonstration.

We opened the show by speaking a little about ourselves, who we were, where we came from and what we did as business. It was then onto the task in hand – decorating the Christmas cake. We were stood confidently at the front with a camera set up and an overhead screen so everybody could see our hands and what we were doing. It was my job (Bee) to practically demonstrate each step while Xavier talked through each step and treated the guests to a couple tips along the way.

Ellenborough Park

We started by covering a dummy cake with white icing to give the snowy effect before placing this on an iced board. To create an iced board we iced the base board of the cake by simply rolling out some icing or chocolate paste (depending on what the cake is going to be covered in), wet the board place it on the top, smooth it over and trim around the edge of the board and wrap the ribbon around the edge to give a special finish. It was then onto the decorations where we made some Christmas classic’s in the shape of snowmen and Christmas trees to put the icing on the cake, literally! These were created using sugar paste and colouring which are easily accessible in your local supermarket. We then carved these into the individual pieces before constructing them into the snowmen and Christmas Trees.

We received a great reception from all the guests who attended the event last month with many of them coming up to us post-event asking us for more tips and general enquiries.

It leaves us to say a massive thank you to Ellenborough Park for having us and we hope all the ladies come up trumps with their Christmas bakes this year.

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Cake Study: Contemporary Cake Designs Trip to Elmore Court

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Fig-144Elmore Court is one of Gloucestershire most welcoming and spectacular private family homes. The 1,000-acre Elmore estate with views over the Cotswolds and River Severn has been in the Guise family for more than 750 years and is the perfect place to hold your own wedding.

So as you can imagine, when we got approached a few months ago from Elmore Court asking us to be their preferred supplier we welcomed it with open arms. The owner fell in love with our French Macaroons and asked if we could create a stunning launch party cake to incorporate our macaroons with their logo and signature swan and that’s exactly what we did!

Fast forward to the 25th October and it was the day of big event. The macaroons were ready, the cake was built and the engine was revving, we were off to Elmore Court.

Then, just a few hours after arrival the moment came, the curtains were drawn and our cake was unveiled to all the attendees! It was a spectacular yet lovely moment with a many of the guests crowding around our design ready to pinch one of the many macaroons stacked on our cake. The macaroons went down a storm and the rest of the night was packed full of more fantastic food, cake and exotic dancing.

And if that wasn’t enough, the BBC popped along to film an episode for their new series of the planners, filming our very own Xavier taking the cake out, along with staring an interview with him about it. We are hoping it will come out later this year.

We’d like to personally thank everyone at Elmore Court for having us and for the many guests that made it such a special night.

Our Views on the Latest Trends in Wedding Cakes

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Entering a new era of wedding cakes

Entering a new era of wedding cakes

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their big day and with an increase interest in the world of baking and cake decorating, the wedding cake is slowly creeping up the list of priorities. Doubtful if the cake will ever take over the wedding dress brides are defiantly interested in seeing how they can incorporate detail from their dress in their cake design.

We are in a new era of fashion inspired wedding cakes. As trends change equipment and materials develop in sugar craft with more diverse and unique designs are being created. Couples want their wedding cake to stand out from the crowd and therefore more and more wacky deigns seem to be coming through. This makes it just as important for us as designers to be able to adapt our knowledge and skills of new trends to meet the need of the clients so we can offer the best service as possible.

Over the centuries there have been many traditions created surrounding the cake and it still remains an important aspect of any wedding. A gorgeous wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding and usually sits in a place of honour. Wedding cakes have come a long way in the last 20 years and we may yet be seeing the start of another revolution in design and cake flavours. There seems to be no limits to what can be achieved.

We have been privileged to create a wonderfully diverse range of different wedding cakes over the years but the one that stands out for us is a stunning huge silver porsche carrera car that a very kind bride brought as a surprise wedding gift for her husband to be.

Here at Contemporary Cake Designs we get the impression people are looking to spend that little bit more on their wedding celebrations than years gone by. This has most likely been caused by the economic climate with couples having less to spend on luxury items so that when the big day arrives they are willing to go all out to ensure it’s a special day.

How to Create the Perfect Slice This Christmas

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Contemporary Cake Designs - Christmas Cake

Contemporary Cake Designs – Christmas Cake

With the winter nights looming and the cold weather blossoming it only means one thing – Christmas is on the horizon.

Christmas is one of our favourite occasions of the year here at Contemporary Cake Designs and there’s nothing more perfect than tucking into a brandy filled Christmas Cake.

So with Christmas being a time for sharing, we thought we’d slice you a piece our baking expertise by giving you our top ten tips on how to get the best out of your Christmas cake this year:

  1. Try and bake your Christmas cake 4 to 6 weeks before hand and you will find that the longer you are able to keep it after cooking the moister the cake will become.
  2. Soak the dried fruit overnight in a little brandy. Use one dessert spoon for each pound of fruit.
  3. Take care when lining the tin. Fit the greaseproof into the corners carefully for a good shape
  4. Bake your cake on a low temperature until knife comes out clean.
  5. When the cake is cold sprinkle over more brandy to help your cake retain its moisture. (Go on! Treat yourself, it’s Christmas)
  6. Wrap the cake in greaseproof paper and foil, and store in a cool dry place. If you like, feed again, a week later, with the brandy
  7. Trim the top of the cake to become flat and turn cake over before covering
  8. Use boiled apricot jam to coat the cake and allow marzipan to stick well. This will also act as a good preservative for the cake
  9. For easier cutting royal icing beat icing until light and fluffy. Add one teaspoon of glycerine to each 1lb(500g) of icing. Use dried egg white-based powder if you want to avoid raw egg white.
  10. Use roll out icing for a quicker easier cake covering. Roll out on icing sugar. Brush marzipanned cake with a little brandy, lay over the rolled out icing. Smooth the top and sides of the cake with your hands or a special smoother.

Earl Court Cake and Bake Show 2013

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We have had the most amazing summer here at Studio E with cakes galore and we are proud to have been able to launch our 2014 wedding cake collection at Earl Court Cake and Bake show last weekend. We hope you enjoy them.
Huge thank you to Adam Drake for the stunning pictures

What a start to the year!!

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We have been busy creating some stunning new wedding cake designs ready for all our lovely couples who have been visiting our Studio E for their FREE consultation and tastings. Today we have just delivered two of these to The Queen Hotel in Cheltenham and they are proudly displayed in their cabinet near the reception for everyone to see. We have also been asked to create a top secret six tier cake for a Channel 5 TV show being filmed next Friday.
How exciting and it’d only just February what a year it’s promising to be…..