Thank Chocolate it’s Friday!!!

In our wonderful kitchen at Studio E Xavier has been tempering chocolate and creating some yummy chocolate treats and the best part is we have all had a sample. Some jobs are hard!!!


  • Ngoni says:

    Hi,I love your photos!Can I know what’s the qutaitoons for pre-wedding and actual day?I’m having my solemnization/mini wedding in Amara sanctuary 22/7/11.Actual day will be in KL 29/7/11.Wai Yen

  • Also, something shocking in that Forbes article, Anders spent well over a few months explaining in detail his plans on Stormfront, yet nothing was done. His plan was in the open for all to see.You'd think the powers-that-be would have done something, as there is no doubt that they were monitoring the site.

  • That’s not even 10 minutes well spent!

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